Stochamix was a "bot-curated" music mix podcast from 2018 to 2020.

No new episodes are being added, but you can still subscribe to its podcast/RSS feed and listen.

More Info

Once per week, Stochamix generated a short music mix (~22 minutes) from the Free Music Archive.

"Bot-curated" here means that a program automatically selected the music, assembled the mixes, uploaded and announced the episodes. The songs were selected randomly but following some basic rules (Creative Commons licensing, diverse genres, not too long or short, some content filtering, avoid repeating artists). It made some interesting and strange music mixes...

The Free Music Archive changed owners multiple times, and technical changes often disrupted the bot, so the project was ended in 2020.

In total, fifty episodes were created and they're still available for listening!

A project by R. Touk